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Expertly sourced, seamlessly delivered.

Green Energy.

What we do

We source and secure sustainable energy from the best renewable energy projects to supply your business so that you can maximise energy savings and certifiably reduce your carbon footprint. ​

Green Coverage

Meet ESG targets and improve investor ratings. Our green energy supply successfully reduces Scope 2 emissions for your business. We provide substantial Green Coverage certified with International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs).

Cost Savings

With our Wheeled renewable energy supply, we will always offer lower than Eskom tariffs at controlled escalation rates, allowing your business to  maximise your electricity cost savings.

Energy Volume

Securing your future energy supply volume assists in shielding your business from the uncertainty of electricity price hikes, projected to accompany the unbundling of Eskom in the coming years.

How we do it

We source our renewable energy supply from a portfolio of large-scale wind and solar generation assets. We blend our supply and create customised energy products based on your company's energy consumption profile. We deliver green energy to your business over the existing electrical network (The Grid) via the process known as Wheeling.

Wind turbines generating renewable energy with a city with lights on in the background. Wind power benefits businesses with providing renewable energy via wheeling
Reunert Limited Logo

How do you value trust?

134 years of industry experience is a good start.

Reunert Limited, established in 1888 and listed on the JSE in 1948. Apollo Africa proudly forms part of

Reunert Renewables Ecosystem.

Solar panel surrounded by green clovers, solar panels provide wheeled renewable energy

Why Apollo?


Industry Expertise

As one of the pioneers in South African energy trading, Apollo Africa is your trusted partner in a constantly shifting landscape. With our extensive industry experience, in-depth market knowledge and long-standing business networks, we are committed to providing your business with energy solutions that work.


Trusted Suppliers

We only source our renewable energy supply from Tier 1 Independent Power Producers (IPPs) with a strong and reliable track record of renewable project delivery​. Our projects go through substantial technical, legal and regulatory assessments to guarantee the successful supply and delivery of green energy to your business. ​

Customer Focused

At Apollo Africa, we foster a company culture dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction and building strong relationships. Consider us your private banker in the energy sector, ensuring your satisfaction is not just met but exceeded. We value your time, your concerns and your business.


Ready to take control back of your energy future?

+1.5GW of blended wind and solar energy in our portfolio pipeline
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-02 at 18.18.43.jpeg
Energy trader reports strong market demand for green electricity from 210 MW Hendrina Wind Farm

Apollo Africa, which is majority-owned by JSE-listed Reunert and is in the final stages of securing a trading licence from the National Energy Regulator of South Africa, has entered into an exclusive agreement with Enertrag for the electricity that will be produced at the facility.

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