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Solar Panels in the foreground with electricity pylons in the background with a setting sun. Solar energy can be wheeled across the electrical network via wheeling

Wheeling and PPAs

What is Wheeling?

Wheeling, also known as “Power Wheeling” or “Electricity Wheeling” is the transportation of electrons from one location, through the national power grid, to another. It is essentially a financial transaction whereby Eskom electrons are swapped out with renewable energy electrons supplied by Apollo Africa through the use of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What is PPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) represents a contractual arrangement between Apollo Africa and a commercial electricity buyer. Under this agreement, the business commits to buying a specified quantity of electricity from a renewable energy generator, such as a wind or solar farm. 

How Wheeling works with Apollo Africa


Renewable energy is produced in wholesale quantities by a portfolio of tier 1 wind and solar generators in high-yield locations across South Africa, 

Grid Dispatch

Each generator signs a Use-of-System Agreement (UoS) or "Wheeling Agreement" with Eskom which governs its connection to the grid.

Renewable energy is introduced into the grid directly at the point of production which Apollo Africa measures with a Digital Smart Meter. 


We blend our renewable energy supply to create customised energy products suited to every business

Monthly reconciliation and nominated renewable energy supply is credited to your company electricity account according to what has been allocated to your business through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


Your renewable energy credits will appear on your regular monthly electricity bill.

Covering the Peak, Standard, and Off-Peak energy that we have allocated to you! 

We offer low commitment 3-year contracts up to 20-year contracts for maximum savings.

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