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  • When should I start planning a Wheeled energy supply for my business?
    Now, it typically takes between 6 – 18 months for new renewables projects to be ready to deliver power. 6 months for “shovel ready” projects and 18 months for undeveloped sites. Because of the incredible uptick in demand for renewables, early contracting of supply capacity is recommended to lock in supply commitments.
  • What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?
    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) represents a contractual arrangement between Apollo Africa and a business consumer. Under this agreement, the business commits to buying a specified quantity of electricity from a renewable energy generator, such as a solar or wind farm. Apollo Africa's PPA starts from a low-commitment 3-year contract and continues up to 20-year contracts that offer maximum savings for customers.
  • What happens to my supply if there is load shedding?
    Billing is done on monthly total energy productions and consumptions thus mitigating the financial impact of short-term loadshedding intervals.
  • What does Apollo Africa do?
    Apollo has established itself as a market leader in the newly emerged sector of grid-based electricity retail in the country. Our core business is the retail of wheeled solar and wind electricity as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to the Commercial and Industrial private sector market.
  • How is Apollo Africa able to offer such competitive prices?
    Our power is produced in large wholesale quantities which we break into fractions for our retail customers. You get prices better than what you could have achieved from building a small plant just for your needs.
  • How reliable are Apollo Africa's generators?
    All our supply is built by Tier 1 developers with a strong, reliable track record of renewable project delivery. All our supply projects go through a rigorous compliance and due diligence process both by us and the banks.
  • What is an International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)?
    An International Renewable Certificate (IREC) is a tradable instrument certifying the environmental attributes of electricity generated from renewable sources. It allows businesses to offset their carbon footprint by purchasing certificates equivalent to their electricity consumption, supporting global renewable energy projects and promoting a sustainable energy future.
  • What is Wheeling?
    Wheeling is a financial transaction representing the transportation of third-party electrical energy (kWh) over the grid. This allows geographically dispersed generators to sell their energy to any eligible customer connected to the power grid. This means, for example, we can generate power in the Karoo and supply it to a customer in Matjiesfontein. That customer’s monthly electricity bill would then be credited for the amount of green energy purchased.
  • What are the benefits of Wheeling?
    Buy electricity at below-market rates. Lock in future price escalation; reduce exposure to Eskom price increases. Wheeled electricity brings new private capacity into the power pool. Local job creation for the development and operations of new power plants. A greener power supply helps protect our climate for future generations
  • Will Wheeled energy impact my existing security of supply?
    Not directly. There are no infrastructure changes that come with Wheeling. All your power will continue coming from the power pool, through the existing grid. You will just see a credit applied to your Eskom/ Municipal bill. However, the more the private sector starts participating in the procurement of Wheeled energy, the more robustly stocked our power pool becomes.
  • What happens if there is load shedding?
    Billing is done on monthly reconciliations of total energy production and consumption. Using Wheeled renewable energy does not stop load shedding unfortunately but the good news is that you do not lose your allocated supply when you experience load shedding.
  • Is an energy offer obligation-free?
    We bring you obligation-free custom energy offers according to your demand profile helping you save money and giving you certainty over your future energy costs.
  • Will I gain certainty over future energy costs?
    A custom energy offer is tailored to your company’s demand profile, allowing you to make savings. Once you enter into a supply contract you can lock your pricing. This allows for clear foresight with regard to your business's future energy costs.
  • Can I lock my pricing once I enter into a supply contract?
    Yes. Price increases are subject to Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases only.
  • Am I obliged to cover all my energy requirements with my supply contract?
    No. You can enter into a supply contract for anything from 1 to 100% of your electricity needs.
  • How long are Apollo Africa's supply contracts?
    Apollo Africa offers contracts starting from 3 to 20 years.
  • Do I have to outlay any capital to receive a Wheeled energy supply?
    No, the only upfront costs to you will be a fully refundable deposit to secure your supply.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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